Tourism activities in Akçakoca depend on short summer tourism and it is also called beach tourism. However before 1945’s Akçakoca had more larger and longer beach. The beach which extended from Çuhallı to rocks in the west side (Today there is a 5 stars hotel called as Skytower. ) and it continues until castle beach it is under the Geonavise Castle. With the construction of the roads, cafes, restaurants, hotels and houses was made the beach more narrow and shorter than before in Çuhallı side. In the center of Akçakoca, There was large and beautiful beach which was the part of Çuhallı Beach but now there is a port for fishermen out there. Some people said that the port was constructed to the beach due to some conservative people think swimming and walking with swimsuit and shorts is disturbing for local peoples. On the other hand; "these are just speculation and fiction, that is true walking with shorts and bikini around mosque and bazaar, we just request that police officers should warn this people. However anything about the port is just fiction. The protected area for old houses is another problem which causes some of houses collapse while they are waiting for restoration.

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