Debra Morgan Season 4

Debra begins an intimate relationship with Quinn while trying to support Dexter following Rita's murder (portrayed in the season four finale, "The Getaway"). She and Quinn are assigned to the "Barrel Girls" case, in which 13 women were raped, tortured and murdered by a group of men, and left in barrels in a swamp. The police find DVDs the killers recorded of the crimes, and Debra is assigned to study them. She figures out that Jordan Chase (Jonny Lee Miller), a prominent public speaker, is involved with the group of men killing the girls, but cannot prove her suspicion because he never appears on the DVDs. However, she is able to track him down by the end of the season, and finds his body, moments after Dexter and Lumen Pierce (Julia Stiles) - one of the Barrel Girl killers' surviving victims and Dexter's lover and "protegé"- have killed him. She sees them at the crime scene through a wall of plastic sheeting, and tells them that she needs to call in the crime scene. She gives them an hour head start because she sympathizes with Lumen, but she never finds out that Dexter was involved.


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