Jungle Fever (1991)

Drew learns about Flipper's affair, through Cyrus's wife, Vera (Veronica Webb), and throws him out of their home. Flipper moves in temporarily with his father, Southern Baptist preacher The Good Reverend Doctor Purify (Ossie Davis) and mother, Lucinda Purify (Ruby Dee). Later, Angie comes home to a severe and brutal beating with a belt from her father after word gets out that she is dating a black man. Flipper tries to reconcile with Drew, but she rebuffs him angrily. Being multiracial, Drew feels Flipper was attracted to her for being half-white, but is now unfaithful to her because she is half-black and that Flipper was searching for a white, light-skinned woman as he was a successful black man. Flipper and Angie find an apartment in Greenwich Village and move in together. As a couple, they encounter discrimination such as being refused and ignored entirely by a waitress (Queen Latifah) in a restaurant, chastisement from The Good Reverend Doctor, and financial issues. The couple are also subjected to police harassment by Officer Long (Rick Aiello) and Officer Ponte (Miguel Sandoval) - the very same police officers who killed Radio Raheem in Do the Right Thing. The incompatibility of Flipper and Angie's relationship is compounded by Flipper's feelings for Drew and Ming, and the fact Angie wants to have children of her own. Eventually the couple break up - echoing what Cyrus told him earlier, Flipper tells Angie their relationship has been based on sexual racial myths and not love, but Angie does not concede the point.

12 Angry Men (1957)
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