Sage Durvasa appears at Rama's doorstep and seeing Lakshmana guarding the door, demands an audience with Rama. At the time, Rama was having a private conversation with Yama. Before the conversation began, Yama gave Rama strict instructions that their dialogue was to remain confidential, and anyone who entered the room was to be relieved of their life. Rama agreed and entrusted Lakshmana with the duty of guarding his door. When Durvasa made his demand, Lakshmana politely refused. The sage grew angry and threatened to curse all of Ayodhya if Lakshmana did not immediately inform Rama of his arrival. Lakshmana, in a dilemma, decided it would be better that he alone die to save all of Ayodhya from falling under Durvasa's curse and so interrupted Rama's meeting to inform him of the sage's arrival. Rama quickly concluded his meeting with Yama and received the sage with due courtesy. In order to fulfil his brother's promise, Lakshmana went to the banks of the river Sarayu resolved on giving up the world by drowning himself in the Sarayu river.

Lakshmana ( Sanskrit : लक्ष्मण , IAST : lakṣmaṇa, lit. he who has the signs of fortune ), also spelled as Laxman or Lakhan , is the younger brother of Rama and his aide in the Hindu epic, the Ramayana . He is also known by other names- Saumitra ( Sanskrit : सौमित्र , IAST : saumitra, lit. son of Sumitra ), Ramanuja ( Sanskrit : रामानुज , IAST : rāmānuja, lit. younger brother of Rama ) and Bharatanuja ( Sanskrit : भरतानुज , IAST : bharatānuja, lit. younger brother of Bharata ) or Laxman.


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