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However, a legend associates the creation of potato chips with Saratoga Springs, New York, decades later. By the late nineteenth century, a popular version of the story attributed the dish to George Crum, an American cook of African American and Native American heritage at Moon's Lake House, who was trying to appease an unhappy customer on 24 August 1853. The customer kept sending his French-fried potatoes back, complaining that they were too thick, too "soggy," and/or not salted well enough. Frustrated, Crum personally sliced several potatoes extremely thin, fried the potato slices to a crisp, and seasoned them with extra salt. To Crum's surprise, the customer loved them. They soon came to be called "Saratoga Chips," a name that persisted into at least the mid-twentieth century. A version of this story popularized in a 1973 national advertising campaign by St. Regis Paper Company, which manufactured packaging for chips, said that Crum's customer was Cornelius Vanderbilt. Crum was already renowned as a chef at the time, and by 1860, he owned his own lakeside restaurant, which he called Crum's House.


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